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Environmental Design

Justice for Salmon! - Edinburgh College of Art

Focusing on a certain species, the Salmon, I researched our impact on their lives as well as their impact on our lives and the rest of the environment. I discovered that Salmon provide more than expected to our environment and influence the health and wellbeing of their ecosystem. From feeding hundreds of species like bears, crabs, and even trees the Salmon’s life cycle acts as a sustainable source of nutrients for more than just us humans. One of the greater problems we have with Salmon today is that we consume so much of them that we’ve now resorted to farming them, which in turn is having a terrible impact on wild salmon and the environment. Competing for food, affecting genetics, and spreading disease amongst wild Salmon, all tracing back to human interaction with the environment.

To intervene with this issue I decided to act with the consumers of Salmon... us. Right down to where we purchase the fish at the supermarket. I wanted to change the consumers mind by educating them about the dangers of fish farming and is impact on the environment.

The end result was wild Salmon packaging with bold statements covering them which catches the eye of shoppers and draws them in to investigate and ultimately educating them about farmed Salmon and putting them off of it. This intervention would be a Slow movement as it aims to gradually turn the public away from farmed Salmon and to spread the word about the harm these farms are causing via word of mouth. This would focus on altering the public's opinions rather than attacking the farms themselves, if implemented correctly, this design solution should lower sales of farmed fish and then make these fisheries obsolete so wild Salmon can thrive again

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